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- Support to lower blood sugar, help reduce the risk of complications of diabetes.

User object:

- People with diabetes.

Brand : SADU – Vietnam

Ingredients : Extracted 100% from natural herbs: Bitter leaf (bear bile) 1g, Gymnema vine 0.75g, Hemp 0.5g, Sweet grass 0.25g, born based on research work National level of professors, doctors of the National Institute of Medicine and leading medical hospitals.

How to use:

Put a packet of diabetes tea in a cup. Pour 200ml of hot water (80-100 degrees Celsius), soak for 3-5 minutes and then lift the filter bag 1-2 times to drink.

Drink 4-6 tea bags a day.

Right now, I still have type

150g, including 60 packs x 2.5g, price #165k

BUY 1-2 boxes, shipping fee 30k

Buy 3 boxes free shipping

Buy 5 boxes get 1 free + free shipping.5

Bear honey tea spoonful sadu

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