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Ginger Tea Anti-drop in blood pressure, relieve colds, relieve alcohol, strengthen the circulatory system

✔️Anti-drop in blood pressure, strengthen the circulatory system
✔️ Fight colds and flu, strengthen the immune system.
✔️Ginger is especially good for the respiratory system.
✔️Ginger helps relieve headaches, fight nausea.
✔️Helps to eat better, control flatulence, relieve constipation - ginger helps the digestive system better.
✔️Use as a daily beverage or as a gift.
✔️Made from natural ingredients, delicious taste.
✔️Safety, no preservatives.
✔️ Convenient filter bag packaging.
✔️Buy online, genuine products, nationwide delivery.


- Old ginger root: 2g
- Flowers: 0.25g
- Sweet grass: 0.25g

User manual:
- Put 1 pack of ginger tea bag filter into 100-150ml of hot boiling water, soak for 5-7 minutes and lift the filter bag 1-2 times to drink.
- Drink 1-2 times a day, 1 pack each time.

Expiry date : 24 months from date of manufacture

To in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
-  After mixing, keep in the refrigerator and use within 24 hours.


Production unit: Thang Long Hi-tech Agriculture Joint Stock Company

Address: Doan Ket, Dai Yen, Chuong My, Hanoi

Hotline : 19008952

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Sadu Ginger Tea Box(150g)

SKU: 999
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