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The plant is also known as the cancer plant because the chemical composition of the plant has the ability to inhibit cancer cells, especially liver cancer and lung cancer. The chemical composition of the plant includes polyphenols (lithospermic acid and lithospermic acid B, rosmarinic acid, kaempferol 3-rutinoside, rutin); sesquiterpenes and triterpenes; other groups of compounds such as amino acids, quinones, flavonoids, tannins, .tan-With those components, the plant has pharmacological effects including: Anti-tumor: Polyphenol, flavonoid, quinone compounds in the plant Black Musk has the effect of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, liquefying cancer cells so that they are easily destroyed, thereby preventing tumor formation and metastasis. Antioxidant: Chemical substances present in the plant Black Musk has the ability to fight against free radicals and reduce the harmful effects of free radicals on cells. Anti-infection: In particular, the triterpenoid saponin compound in muskmelon has the ability to protect the body against harmful effects. Invasive bacteria-About Eastern medicine, the plant has a slightly acrid and bitter taste, is cold and has


Pure thorns, pure black musk

Effects use: 
- Support treatment hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver causing jaundice, detoxification, heat clearing, inflammation, pimples, rashes
- Stabilize blood pressure, relieve stress, sedation, increase the body's resistance.
- Cure tumors, treat diseases of bones and joints, spine


Note: The product is not a medicine and does not have the effect of replacing medicine.

User manual:
- Put the tea in a cup, dissolve it with about 200ml of boiling water.

- Use 1-2 times a day, 1-2 packs each time



50 filter bags x 250g/pack x 4 packs



- Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight



2 years from date of manufacture


Production unit: Thang Long Hi-tech Agriculture Joint Stock Company

Hotline: 19008952


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₫396,000 Regular Price
₫360,000Sale Price
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