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SADU is the unit with the largest medicinal area in the country. We always try to create products to protect health such as: prickly pear, rhododendron, complete pearl.. These products we produce and sell to consumers with the following criteria: Clean and no preservatives, it is completely different from the usual products on the market.... To meet all the needs of customers.


Business story

At the end of 2015, Mr. Phan Trung Kien - agricultural engineer of the Vietnam National Academy of Agriculture and 03 like-minded colleagues, established the 15ha Ca gai climbing material area at Mieu Mon, Chuong My, Hanoi.  forerunner of Thang Long Hi-tech Agriculture Joint Stock Company.

The raw material area of prickly pear with carefully prepared seeds and seedlings.
The vines are carefully selected, after being brought to the garden, on an area of land that is completely covered with nylon to avoid weeds and pests, ensuring no use of pesticides and drugs. remove weeds or toxic chemicals.

On May 18, 2016 Thang Long Hi-tech Agriculture Joint Stock Company was born with a special mission, spreading and turning the area of clean raw materials into valuable herbal products to consumers.

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Hotline: 19008952


Địa chỉ: Đoàn kết, Đại Yên, Chương Mỹ, Hà Nội

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